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“Never in a million years did I imagine what my WH&Co. Insider Circle membership would do for my platform and brand,” says one billionaire CEO member. “It’s like having your own personal Madison Avenue advertising agency, White House speechwriter, and world-class marketing and communications strategist at your side for an entire year.” 

Every WH&Co. Insider Circle family member has his or her favorite part of membership.

“I live for my bi-weekly strategy calls with Wynton,” says one Hollywood celebrity member. “They are pure marketing platinum. Wynton’s brain buzzes with strategic brilliance. The investment has come back to me tenfold. Literally. In fact, I’ve already secured my spot for two more years of membership. Sorry. But no one’s stealing my spot. I’m totally serious. Wynton is a bastard about those 12 slots. He won’t let more people in! So I said, ‘Hell, then sign me up for two extra years.’” 

Other members love the productivity membership produces.

“I’m busy,” says one NBA star member. “I don’t have the time to write speeches, write articles when magazines request them, develop my talking points for my media appearances, create and manage my website, and certainly to write my books. That’s what I love about it. Things get done. Work gets handled. They are workhorses. Wynton feels me and keeps my public image authentic and polished and I don’t have to worry about a thing. I mean ever. I love it.” 

Still others enjoy having their own personal speechwriter with fingers poised and ready to write custom keynotes. “Look, I’m on speaking platforms almost two-thirds of the year,” says one international 7-figure motivational speaker member. “Every year I need about 10 new customized speeches written. A good speechwriter will run you about $10,000 per speech, which is peanuts when you get $35,000.00 for every single appearance. But being in the WH&Co. Insider Circle gives me world-class speechwriting and so, so, so much more. It’s kind of a no-brainer. It is, hands down, one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.”

For others, it’s about cross-pollinating with other WH&Co. Insider Circle members.

“Everyone always talks about what a genius Wynton is. But the other thing I love about him is that he is a generous gentleman,” says one of our more alliterative Fortune 500 CEO members. “He loves playing matchmaker. He introduces members whom he thinks can benefit each other mutually, both professionally and personally. It’s something I really didn’t understand when I became a member but that has, quite frankly, become one of the more fruitful dimensions of being in the Insider Circle. Wynton has opened doors and introduced me to people whose social orbits I would have never intersected with.”

Quote our founder Wynton Hall: “We exist for the 12 family members who comprise the WH&Co. Insider Circle. Their success is our obsession. There is no limit to what we do to sharpen their message, expand their exposure, and elevate the stature of their platform and brand.” 

Why the WH&Co. Insider Circle?

We are their zealots in chief. That’s why we commit to partnering with WH&Co. Insider Circle members for an entire year. A 360-degree plan for 365 days of brand-exploding communications strategy—that’s the WH&Co. Insider Circle.”