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“You are the best writer. I am the best tailor. We are the best team. You write so beautifully; your words captured my heart and life story perfectly. We made a beautiful book. I love you very much. You are family.”

– Martin Greenfield, 

World’s Greatest Tailor, Holocaust Survivor, and the Author of Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor

“Thank you, Wynton Hall, for being such a great partner and collaborator in the writing of this book. You understood me so well from the start and you brought structure to the chapters and a tonality to the narrative that makes this book an easy read.” 

– Ronnie Screwvala,

Bollywood Mogul, Former Disney India CEO, and Author of Dream with Your Eyes Open: An Entrepreneurial Journey (Over 500,000+ copies sold)

“Wynton Hall is a great writer and a great friend.”

– Steve Forbes


Soul Blazer Lisa Haisha & Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men co-creator and producer Lee Aronsohn.

“Wynton Hall is not only an exceptional strategist, marketing and branding genius, but one of the biggest hearts I have ever met. I hired him two years ago. I wanted him to help me harness my million ideas. Some people might think that’s a tall order, but not Wynton.  Wynton got excited. He was positive, rolled up his sleeves, and now, two years later, I couldn’t be happier.  I have a thriving branded coaching business, a completed book that publishers are excited about, my own TV Show, I’m an enrichment speaker on Crystal Cruises (the most prestigious Cruise Ship in the world), I’m booked to lead my own workshops in Australia, Israel and London, I’m a regular ‘Guestpert” on Fox 5 News and other media outlets, I have a strong web presence that continues to bring me business daily; so much so, I cannot take on more clients.  And not only that … during these two years, my mother passed and Wynton held my hand through the process and helped me articulate her eulogy since I was so distraught. 

So when Wynton asked me to write him a testimonial, it took me some time because it’s difficult to articulate on paper who this man is.  When an angel soars down and waves his magic wand and changes every area of your life so dramatically for the positive when all you thought you were paying for was some good business advice and a strategy, that’s when you know you’ve met a soulmate, a deeply connected and loving person that gives 100% of his being to whatever he commits to.  That’s who Wynton Hall is, and so much more.  Thank you, Wynton, for blessing me each day with your being.

– Lisa Haisha, 

Founder of The Soul Blazing Institute & the Whispers from Children’s Hearts Foundation


“Wynton Hall:  Without you, this book would have never been possible….You are truly the consummate professional.”

– Sgt. Marco Martinez,

Navy Cross recipient and Author of Hard Corps: From Gangster to Marine Hero (Random House)

“You’ll be blessed to work with a writer of Wynton’s talent and proven track record of creating New York Times bestsellers.”

Charlie Ward,

Former NY Knick and Heisman Trophy Winner

“When President Reagan gave the Berlin Wall speech, I was standing between the podium stand and the wall….Thank you Wynton for The Right Words to establish the record.”

– Marlin Fitzwater,

White House Press Secretary to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush 


“Wynton Hall is a fantastic author, speechwriter, communication strategist, and executive coach. I have nothing but positive things to say about him and his exceptionally detailed work.

Wynton goes beyond the call of duty. He is meticulous in paying attention to every dimension of the marketing and communications processes. I have never seen a communication strategist work as hard as he does. His creativity is matched only by his ability to design razor sharp messages that stick in the minds of audiences and readers.

Wynton’s impressive background in presidential communication strategy has served my business and me in ways I could never have imagined. But best of all, Wynton’s integrity, warmth, and fun and friendly nature make him a dream to work with.

I was fortunate to get on Wynton’s client list when he was just forming his consultancy. I’m glad I did, because with the clients he represents and the people he writes for, I know he will soon have to cap the number of clients he handles. If, however, he’s still accepting clients, you will not regret hiring him. As a matter of fact, your only regret will be not having hired him sooner! It is without reservation or hesitation that I extend my strongest recommendation to Mr. Wynton Hall and Wynton Hall & Co., LLC.“

– Marc Hrisko,

President Marc Hrisko International and Author of Kangaroo Millionaire 

Home of the Brave stirs the deepest parts of the American spirit. An inspirational portrait of ordinary Americans doing extraordinary things.”

– W.E.B. Griffin, 

New York Times Bestselling Author 


“Wynton Hall?….Yeesh….where do I begin? He’s a master communication strategist who works with mega leaders at the highest levels. Fortune 500 CEOs, Washington insiders, pro athletes, Hollywood elite…you name it and they all go to Wynton Hall. Why? Simple. Wynton has a marketing mind that moves at mach speed. Big brains, big ideas, and a big heart. I build companies, so I know a star when I see one. Wynton is a star. And if you have the privilege to work with Wynton Hall & Co., take it. Talents like Wynton are a rare find.”

– Derek Wilder,

Founder and CEO of Hallmark Homes

We are so thrilled that WYNTON chose us to work with us. Wynton is very discerning when it comes to the type of client he chooses to assist. From the first day, we were ‘blown away’ with his knowledge and the depth of his wisdom. His tagline says it all “because words matter.”

We hired him as our manuscript copy editor. Let’s just say “Oh yes – we got that all right!” But we also got a marketing strategic czar, communication specialist, website wizard, master networker, business coach, and a dear friend! Oh how thankful we are for Wynton!

We are so blessed to work with him and we are so delighted that we get to call him our friend! “

– Diana Patton & Tonja Ward,

Founders of FITatudes

“Over the last seven years, I have had the good fortune to become well acquainted with Wynton Hall. We initially met because of his considerable interest in the dynamics of presidential campaigns and its governance. Most recently, he assisted me in writing the book, The Greatest Communicator: What Ronald Reagan Taught Me about Politics, Leadership, and Life, published by Wiley.

Wynton has a wonderfully collegial personality. He is one of those rare individuals who takes considerable initiative, but never intrudes. He is obviously bright, articulate, and has the skill not only of writing well, but more importantly for me, he accurately reflected “my voice” in our collaboration.

Our publisher, Wiley, provided us with an extremely tight deadline to submit the final draft of our book. Wynton met or exceeded all our publisher-imposed deadlines. As a writer, he has the ability to not only create clean and clear copy but also infuses his writing with valuable context that captures the mood of key events with accuracy and interest.”

– Dick Wirthlin,

Chief Political Strategist and Pollster to President Ronald Reagan and Author of The Greatest Communicator

Wynton is the ONLY person I will ever work with to write a book, create a speech, launch a new initiative, or think about doing something new in the future. He promises BIG and delivers BIGGER. I have never met someone more talented, more equipped, or more able to deliver what I asked for. He is ‘the man.’ I appreciate having him be a part of my world.”

– Robert Steele,

Former Dallas Cowboy, Super Bowl XIII and author of Steele Here: An Underdog’s Secret to Success

“From my first contact with Wynton via email and through our entire first project, Wynton has been an energetic, committed and professional force to work with. I thoroughly look forward to our calls together. Whether in writing, coaching or mentoring, Wynton is a very special talent that has over-delivered for me every step of the way.”

– Dan Green,

Executive Vice President Simple Truths and Author of the Finish Strong bestselling book series

“There is a lot of ‘good’ out there. There are even some who are ‘great’. But very few fall under OUTSTANDING. Wynton is in that very small group. I highly recommend him.”

– Sue Enquist,

NCAA Hall of Fame UCLA Bruins Coach and the Winningest Coach in Softball History

“Wynton–you are the best.”

– Donald Trump

“Wynton Hall is a powerful force in any CEO’s corner. There’s a reason that so many CEOs seek his executive coaching and speechwriting counsel.   As a high-stakes communications strategist, he’s second to none. If you are serious and committed to elevating your success, you will join the WH& Co. CEO Insider Circle.”

– David Kim,

Restaurant Mogul, Star of CBS Undercover Boss, and Author of Ignite: The 12 Values that Fuel Billionaire Success